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A kind Yellow Bull
Written by Kwon Chong-saeng / Illustrated by Sung-gak Chong l 245 x 258mm l 33pages
It was the night of the full moon, when the moon sprinkled sliver dusts on all things. The Bull Man who was as huge as a mountain and a mouse was as tiny as a bean met. Mouse was out looking for food to give to its brothers and sisters. The Bull Man had a heart of gold and took care of the poor mice who had lost their mother. The Bull Man and the mice became a family and lived happily ever after.
A mosquito and a bull
Written by Dong-yeom Hyeon / Illustrated by Uk-bae Lee l 258 x 258mm l 34pages
This book features pictures drawn by Uk bae Lee, one of the most famous illustrators in Korea. It is nothing short of remarkable in depicting the unique nature of the world with sarcasm and humor as a material of children literature. The best picture of Lee셲 is a bull, full of facial expression, which makes this book even better. Mr. Lee has pursued traditional Korean illustrations and this book fully demonstrates them.
A Raccoon Family Greets Spring
Written by Kwon Chong-saeng / Illustrated by Song Jin Hun l 278 x 218mm l 33pages
In the far mountains, the raccoon family was sleeping in their cave. But Baby Raccoon, Sister Raccoon, and Brother Raccoon could not sleep. The three raccoon children crawled out of their cave and peeked outside. A snowstorm was blowing through. So they got back to the cave and went to sleep again. Finally, spring has come with warm breeze and they start preparing the new season.
Bardge's Garden
Written by Kwon Chong-saeng / Illustrated by Sung-gak Chong l 259 x 253mm l 34pages
Mrs Bardger wishes to have her own flowergarden at her house on the mountain after happened beautiful flower garden around the schoolyard. Looking around here and there to find the place to plant flowers, she comes to realize that she is living in a huge garden of the nature that has countless beautiful wild flowers that cover the whole mountain through the winter, Another beautifuly and powerfully illustrated comlelling story from a renowned Korean Jeong-saeng Kwon
Puppy Poo
Written by Kwon Chong-saeng / Illustrated by Sung-gak Chong l 232 x 238mm l 32pages
A Puppy Poo forsaken at the corner of an alley. Everyone avoids it saying "Dirty Poo!" One drizzing spring day, Puppy Poo meets a young dandelion plant who needs fertilization. Puppy Poo joyfully breaks itself down and soaks into the root of dandelion. This self-sacrifice finally blooms a dandelion bud into its full glory. A moving and lessonful story illustrated by Sung-gak Chong.
The Cat
Written by Deok Hyeon / Illustrated by Lee Hyung Jin l 226 x 255mm l 28pages
Noma, Tortori, and Youngy chase mice and chickens, and play stray cat. Look! They have really turned into cats! Now that they are cats, they can get into a lot of mischief without worrying about Mom. Even if they get caught, all they have to do is run away!
The Starry Lily and the Little Star
Written by Ma Hae Song / Illustrated by Yu-jeong Jeong l 232 x 237mm l 30pages
Why is it that the color of the sea shines more clearly and brightly when it's deeper? They say it's because of a baby star that once lost its shine and is now shining at the bottom of the ocean. Come and listen to the story of love and friendship that takes Wildflower and Baby Star back and forth between the heaven and the sea. You can feel the beautiful emotions that will fill your heart as you read on.